The importance of Google AdWords PPC for your business

If you’re like most PPC advertisers, to make more money, you wouldn’t stop thinking for more ways to make the best out of this tool. You can use Google Ad Words to create income streams that can grow bigger and bigger every year, and not just for a one-time ultimate sale.
Here’s how: Set up your Google Ad Words campaign when you are promoting merchant sites. This way, each person who clicks on your PPC ad is taken to a newsletter sign-up page. Don’t send your visitors to the typical newsletter sign-up page, but give them some important information and make a sincere effort to help them in your own way.
You can recommend quality multi-tier affiliate programs and residual income opportunities and help them develop their own online incomes. By doing this, you don’t only help them succeed, but you also help yourself succeed in your own website. Plus, you will earn your customers’ trust and you will give them something they can’t affort to lose; and in turn, they will become your lifetime subscribers.
As part of your PPC campaign, you can give away a free special report and give your visitors a big incentive to give it away. This gives your website the much needed publicity and traffice for free, which means more hits on your website. It’s best to give away the free item first, and then attract them to sign up for your website’s newsletter within the e-Book and offer them another freebie. Or, if they sign up for your newsletter, you can utilize the free special report as an enticement. Just as long as you run this plan well, you will be able to monetize your Pay Per Click account from these freebies and through your newsletter if you give them with important information.
You can also write an article about a creative promotion idea and then link in two to for affiliate websites to goods that validate this new idea you are suggesting. Try to write a comprehensive article that is long enough to go into some detail, but not enough to give the whole concept away.
Through this strategy, you can cash in from your readers through (1) the “sleeper links” in your article, (2) a free special report if they subscribe to your newsletter, (3) your newsletter, and (4) the ripple effect, which means the people who will receive the special report through the immediate actions of others.
These are not the only ways wherein you can cash in from your Google Ad Words campaign; you can even get the email addresses of your visitors. Use your creativity to come up with money-making ideas for a lucrative PPC Internet Advertising campaign.As long as you make a genuine effort to give something valuable to your visitors that they can immediately apply to start profiting from it, your profit cycle will go for as long as possible. The right PPC Management doesn’t only stick to profiting from the PPC ads, but so much more.
Using PPC advertising will help you find companies or people that are interested in your product. It is an easy way to get your website to the top of Google search results without haveing to spend the time working on your organic SEO. Everytime a web browser clicks on your ad or keyword, you pay a PPC fee. This allows you to only pay when someone actually goes to your site, not each time they view your ad. However, in order to really make PPC advertising worth while, you need a certain percentage of these click-throughs to purchase your product to make a profit. A lot of PPC advertising is done through trial and error but after a certain amount of time it is possible to calculate break even points for PPC.
Success in PPC Advertising is determined by making more in sales that you pay for the ad clicks. To make money, you can either write ads that lead to an affiliate program sites (direct linking), or write ads that lead to your own web site that has a link to affiliate programs. Additionally, you have can ads that point to your own products and services for sale. Direct Linking is easy and fast to set up your own PPC advertising. However, issues evolve when another company outbids you and then your ad will not show up in Google ADS.

How to Profit from Google Adwords PPC Advertising:

Google Adwords is the biggest and easiest pay per click program to use. With this program, you can advertise in any country and not spend a large sum of money. Also, because Google Adwords is automated, you can put ads up almost instantly and you can advertise on websites relevent to your business and on the SERPs. However, this type of internet marketing is highly competitive, which can boost your minimum bid up, leading to the need to convert more visitors to purchasers to remain profitable. The amount of trafficking Google Adwords can provide proves that they are the best choice for PPC advertising.

Where you profitable?

Other PPC Profitability calculations that are useful:

This is only the tip of the iceburg when it comes to PPC profitability analysis. Here are a few other good statistics.
What is the average spend per PPC visitor?
Go back to your google analytics, filter for a time period and for PPC traffic. What was your total number of visitors? Take the total PPC revenue figure you wrote down before and dividie it by this traffic number. You now have your average profitability per PPC visitor. Why is this important? SIMPLE! You now know what your MAXIMUM cost per click should be set to in your google adwords account. If the average visitor is only going to generate you $3.50 why would you ever bid more than $3.50 for a click?

What PPC placements are most profitable?

The adwords PPC network has two forms of placements. Search placements, which is only in google search and your ad will be listed at the top or right sidebar of google SERPs. The second is the content network. These are other sites that have put google ADSENSE on their website. If someone with a site based around the same content as your ads has adsense, google will place your ad in their region and the PPC works the same way. This form of PPC network is often CHEAPER, but gets less quality results because you are not bidding on keywords but instead TOPICS.
You can filter your google analytics for these different networks. From there you will be able to look into your ecommerce analytics and get revenue numbers and total visitors via each network type. Do the same calculation as before, revenue divided by visitor count. You can see which network is more profitable PER VISITOR. From here you can use this information to adjust your spending (both max PPC bid and total budget) around these figures.
This can also be used all the way down to a keyword basis. Filter your analytics for different keywords you have bid on. You will be able to look into your ecommerce analytics and get revenue numbers and total visitors for each keyword. Again, do the same calculation as before, revenue divided by visitor count. You can see which keyword is more profitable PER VISITOR. From here you can use this information to adjust your spending (both max PPC bid and total budget) around these figures.